Weather-strip Your House to Save Energy

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In every home, conserving energy is an important part of caring for the environment while also staying within a budget. Heating and cooling a home is one of the greatest drains on the energy of a home due to the large demand for energy that HVAC units require. However, there are many things that a person can do to help reduce this demand. Among these things, weather-stripping a home can be one of the most effective methods used to keep the home sealed so that air does not escape. Here, are a few tips for helping you to weather-strip your (more…)

Save Money When You Shop For a Better Rate on Natural Gas

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Every New York resident knows the importance of a home heating system. Winter temperatures in New York regularly drop below zero. When the weather outside is freezing, you need more than a blanket to keep warm. Fortunately, you have several options when choosing a home heating system.

Though there are several heating options, natural gas heating is the best for New York residents. If you have ever relied on oil to heat your home, then you know there are several problems that can occur while you are heating your home. These problems can be eliminated by heating your home with natural gas.

When you heat your home with natural gas, you do not have to worry about running out of heating fuel before it is time to purchase more fuel. Unlike oil that is stored in a tank, natural gas runs through a pipe system. As long as the heating bill is paid, natural gas heat will last the full month.

Natural gas is also cheaper than oil heat. In fact, New York residents can find the best rates on natural gas by visiting Summer is the best time to shop for a low-rate and lock it in for the upcoming winter.

Natural gas is cleaner than oil. More than 20 percent of United States residents rely on natural gas to heat their home.

In addition to being cheaper than oil, there is an abundant supply of natural gas in the United States. In fact, many states in the Northeastern region of the United States have a large supply of natural gas.

Heat your home with natural gas, and you will keep yourself and your family warm this winter. You can turn up the heat when it is colder at night without having to worry about your heat running out in the middle of the month. Start getting ready for winter now to ensure you stay warm during those cold days and nights.

Caulk Outside Your House to Save on Energy Costs

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Making your home more airtight is one of the easiest ways to save on home energy costs. In many homes, cracks can become present around the window frames and doors on the outside of the home, which allows heated and cooled air to escape. This energy waste will continue to cost you money, as your heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems must work harder to keep your home at the temperature you desire. By caulking (more…)

Save Energy and Seal Up Air Leaks

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During the harsh winter and summer months, our homes become havens for warming up and cooling off. However, our homes and apartment buildings may not be as airtight at we would like. Drafts around windows and doors can release our heated and cooled air out into the environment, and with it goes our hard earned money and wasted energy. By simply caulking up these cracks, you’ll be saving energy and money in no time.

Before your begin to caulk, make sure that the area is clean of debris and grime. Also be sure to scrape away any old caulk before (more…)

Close Damper in Fireplace When Not in Use

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Your fireplace is a gathering place for your family, a source of heat and a decorative focal point for the room. When it is hot outside, it stays idle until the fall. You can help your HVAC system during the summer by keeping the damper closed. Wind passing over the chimney creates a suction effect that can draw the home’s cool air up and out of your home. Your HVAC system has to work harder to make up for the loss.Never heard (more…)

Don’t Waste Money Heating and Cooling Empty Rooms

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In the modern world, a lot more families are concerned with helping the environment than ever before, and that is a very good thing. One of the best ways to do this is by taking measures to reduce your family’s dependence on traditional energy. If you can’t afford to make the switch to an alternative energy source, there are still things that you can do around the house to lower that energy bill, which will save you money as well as contributing to the environment. One of the (more…)

Lower Thermostat 10 Degrees in Winter at Night

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If you’re not on a home heating plan, then you’re familiar with the spikes in fuel costs that come with winter. Whether you heat your home with oil, natural gas or electricity, one of the first things you can do to lower the cost is to lower your thermostat.

A simple shift of ten degrees at night can lower your bill by as much as 20 percent! Throw an extra comforter on the bed and snuggle in at a cool 58 degrees for the nighttime hours. Studies have shown that (more…)

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